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"REIKI FACIALS" and "FACE LIFT" a Complete New Breakthrough in Holistic Skin Care.

Find yourself enjoying the glowing results of the popular "Oxygen Facial" combined with detoxification benefits with Reiki Energy.


Today it is all about not only how you look but also how you feel with the facial. Jyotika takes a Wholisic approach, offering clients a soothing and Healing experience that addresses cosmetic imperfections at the subtle level of the under-lying skin cells.

Non Surgical Cosmetic Corrections
Painless Anti-Aging And Re-Constructive Procedures
Gently Smooth Away The Unwanted
wrinkles, laughlines, under-eye dark circles, acne
dark facial patches, pigmentation, burns, scars etc.

'Say No To Cuts And Stitches' - People Magazine

Relax And Rejuvenate With
'Energy Facials'
A Whole New Experience Of Mind Body Rejuvenation

Non-Invasive Holistic Skin Care is a concept designed and conceived by Reiki Guru Jyotika, A Post Graduate in Esthetics and Make-up from Wilfred Beauty Academy, New York and a Reiki Master/ Healer/ Teacher of USUI Japan.

Jyotika's achievement in this field is novel and something to be marveled at as she has the honor of performing the worlds' first "cosmetic surgery" with Reiki, removing an ugly facial birthmark(a patch of hairy goat skin on her client's cheek) without cuts and stitches.
(As featured on Discovery and other International channels)

Since then there has been no looking back. She has developed her own unique way for reversing the age signs and for correcting cosmetic imperfections e.g. nose job, jaw line, sunken eyes, smoothing cheek bones, burn marks, scars, wrinkles etc.

Trainning Classes for Aestheticians available.

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Beauty and Bollywood....

"You have made us believers of what we thought was impossible. People come over to see the strange phenomena of the divine.  -Mr. Vassa Florida

(A keloid on Vassa's daughter's arm was removed to a great extent with Reiki.) "
"Reiki Master uses Reiki to beautify local women"

- Acorn
"It is not only wounds and scars on the heart that Jyotika heals. She also heals cuts and scars on the face with mind power."

   -India Journal
"Mind Power Reiki Does It All"
                     - The Asian Age
"When I was 5 years old, I dropped a pot of boiling water resulting in 3rd degree burns on the left side(from the neck to the chest), I always had to wear high necks to hide my scars" - Lucia Khoi

Lucia's burns were cleared after 5 sessions.