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Jyotika Jauhar, nee Mangal, hails from the founding family of the Mangal Sabha Trust, one of the largest religious organizations in Calcutta, India. She grew up inheriting deep religious values and traditions, to lead the work of the Trust and has dedicated herself to spreading and promoting the path to self-empowerment and self-realization through Bhakti, Bhajan, Meditation and Healing. She received her school and college education in Convent schools and is well-versed in Christian scriptures as well.

Providing medical aid to the slum children

With dignitaries-Ex P.M.(India) I.K. Gujral and industrialist Rajiv Kaul

Since the age of 16 Jyotika has worked in close contact with Rev. Mother Teresa helping the lepers, the old and the sick. It is therefore not surprising that today Jyotika is providing relief to many patients suffering from various diseases such as cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, depression, blood pressure, diabetes, addictions, fibromyalgia, infertility, insomnia, ADD and many others. She is getting miraculous results through her healing touch. She extends her healing abilities to improve relationships, business, and to energize ceremonies, events, and homes. She can send Reiki Healing to any part of the world through mental visualization.

The Healer

Jyotika holds post graduate degrees in make-up and esthetics from the Wilfred Beauty Academy of New York, and has been associated with the glamour and beauty business since 18 years as the owner of Woman’s Beauty World in Calcutta, India and working with Indian Movie Industry. She learned Reiki only to help her autistic child, but her tremendous power to heal was revealed when she performed the world’s first cosmetic surgery with Reiki. (She removed a birthmark, a goat skin patch, from her client’s cheek). The feat won her acclaim on international TV channels and press worldwide, and she soon found herself performing psychic surgeries for heart problem, malignant tumor and detached retina with equal success. After her Reiki Masters initiation, she was beckoned by the Divine “Call” through a message which appeared on her arm. She gave up her glamour profession and her home to dedicate herself to a life of Healing, almost in the footsteps of her mentor Rev. Mother Teresa. Jyotika is reaching out to relieve pain, sorrow, agony and grief through her healing touch.

“It’s not only ugly scars on the face but also those on the soul and psyche that, Jyotika Jauhar, a Reiki Master, claims to heal.”
(People Magazine, May 19, 2000)

Jyotika’s success with Reiki has been well recognized as the International Council for Alternative Medicine has conferred upon her the Honorary Degree of Doctor in appreciation of her work and for her valuable contribution to the field of Alternative Medicine.

Jyotika conducts seminars and Reiki training classes nationwide. Her Initiations are very powerful and any one initiating under her will become a part of her prestigious Reiki lineage. Certification is provided at all levels of Reiki Initiation in traditional USUI Japan.