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  with Reiki Guru Jyotika .

Discover the healing qualities of vegetables and the therapeutic value of spices. Explore combination spices to reduce acidity, arthritis, diabetes and more. Delight in the flavors of India and the many nutritional benefits of Indian cooking. Learn unique cooking techniques gaining polularity as many people explore healthy ways of eating with much flavor.

Reiki Guru Jyotika, experienced in Vegetarian Cooking, uses traditional Indian cuisine as a source for healthy eating and living. Jyotika is a Reiki Guru and Spiritual Healer who has worked with Reverand Mother Teresa since the age of sixteen, helping sick and elderly for over 30 years.

Jyotika has been teaching healing foods classes at the Learning Tree University in Los Angeles, California. These classes have been very popular, and her students included doctors, therapists, chefs, and housewives.

Classes held - Once every month
Saturday morning 10AM - 1PM (3 Hour Session)

Provisions for an "INDIAN EXPERIENCE" for private parties also available. Mouthwatering menu from the kitchens of Indian Maharajas served in a complete Indian tradition and decor.

The menu includes low fat, cholesterol free foods served with a variety of meat and dairy free dishes.

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